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Monday, 26 June 2017

Best Friends are Awesome

Things I learned today: June 21, 2017:-

  1. Power of Sub-conscious mind is endless. (P.S. I saw someone wearing angry birds t-shirt as I finished watching Angry Birds on my way to office.)
  2. That awesome moment when you come across a stranger who wants to help you. (P.S. Sonu, a stranger in a bus suggested me to visit Agra's doctor)
  3. One must grow his/her own business as many as 10 times more than the previous period of time. (Lesson Credits: Ishant Sir)
  4. Traveling to work at morning and coming back at home at night, that's what we call life. (Lesson Credits: Ishant Sir)
  5. Wonderful people will remain wonderful whether you talk to them daily or not. (Thanks to Ayesha)
  6. There are times in life when things can be handled in a polite manner better than anger. (Lesson Credits: Movie: Angry Birds)
  7. Sometimes, we must change our roles at certain point of time in order to give relaxation to our mind. (Lesson Credits: Ayesha)

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