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Saturday, 17 June 2017

A Road Traveled With A Friend.

Things I Learned Today: June 5, 2017:-

  1. You cannot make a correct decision if you don't know the purpose of your life. (Lesson Credits: Chetan Mishra Sir)
  2. Sometimes, it is very important to make the person to realize his mistakes and give him/her a chance to correct them. (Lesson Credits: Chetan Mishra Sir)
  3. Power of subconscious mind is so amazing that it can get things done faster than you can imagine. (P.S. Pulkit's meeting finished at 2:30 p.m. instead of 3:00 p.m.)
  4. Relationships become stronger if they include spending time at lunch breaks. (Lesson Credits: Pulkit Bansal)
  5. Nothing is as worth as Love & Friendship. (P.S. Meeting a friend at Pardhan's Restaurant.)
  6. That awkward moment when instead of fulfilling your expectations, your friend does the unknown. (P.S. Weird Hand Gesture in an auto.)
  7. Sometimes, you behave in a crazier way as compared to normal routine when you are with the person whom you admire the most. (P.S. A craziness in a bus.)
  8. You should not limit your abilities on your preparation. Sometimes, it is important to concentrate on your performance more than calculating how much you prepared for it. (Lesson Credits: Ishant Sir)
  9. You cannot relive your past, nor you can live your future today as it has to be lived in future only. (P.S. Emptiness.)

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