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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Steal Knowledge As Much As You Can.

Steal Knowledge As Much As You Can.

Things I Learned Today  (May 25, 2017):-
  1. Lessons Learned From A Fruitful Conversation with Rajesh Verma Sir.
  2. Sometimes, you pay the price, neither for the goods nor for the services you received but for the time at which you are purchasing it. (Bus Conductor: Rs. 5 vs. Rs. 10)
  3. When you have an intuition of 100 percent failure in whatever thing you want to do. Just do it because there is always a chance for getting a Surplus. (Lesson Credits: Movie: Lahoriye)
Things I Learned from Webinar with Harv Eker:-
  1. Embrace both sides of yourself.
  2. You can be kind, generous, loving, balanced, spiritual and really really really really rich.
  3. Secrets of the millionnaires mind. (His Book Name)
  4. Whether you are Good or Bad has nothing to do with money.
  5. Bless that which you want.
  6. Anything that you negate, you can never have.
  7. Money is important in the areas which it serves us. (P.S. Arms vs Legs)
  8. Everything has a place. Money is not bad. You can help other people in a much bigger way. Money should not rule your life, nor it should ruin your life.
  9. Hammer can help for construction or for destruction. It isn't  the hammer but the person who is using it. Same goes with money.
  10. Money is a tool and it's  there to help you.

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