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Thursday, 11 May 2017

My Birthday

My Birthday

That awesome moment when you realize how amazing it is when you live for yourself just for one day i.e. on your birthday.

Day was so full of surprises and fun.
I cut two cakes, watch Bahubali 2, came back from Amritsar. 

A Sound That Created The Silence.
I was walking in the street of Amritsar near Golden Temple where I suddenly heard a voice of utensils rolling on the floor.
It was so sudden that I couldcouldn't resist myself from reaching to the circle surrounded by people, I witnessed a boy picking all the utensils from the floor, and all the ingredients of 'paani-puri' lying at the ground.
Meanwhile a man came out of the circle, and all the eyes were looking at him. So he was the man who threw all the items.
My heart ran into the eternal silence that why he threw the belongs of the small hawker.
I wemt to the Hawker to explore some information, I ordered for a plate of Paani Puri and came to know that they were forbidden to set up their stall at the concerned location. However, as per my opinion, that person shouldn't have thrown the belongings rather should have simply warned him.

Things I Learned on May 1, 2017:-
  1. You must live for yourself before you start living for others.

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