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Saturday, 27 May 2017

A Fruitful Conversation with Rajesh Verma Sir:

A Fruitful Conversation with Rajesh Verma Sir:

As per the instructions given to us, we had an interaction session with Rajesh Verma Sir.
Fortunately, it were only Aruneeta and me who came, which gave us an opportunity to interact with Sir in a detailed manner. I won't call it a session but a quality conversation with Verma Sir.

After completing our short discussion related to Upgrad Entrepreneurship course, he asked us regarding the company in which we are going to do an internship.
"You should be certain with what you really want to learn and acquire from internship and then focus on it.", he stated.
His suggestion was valid and completely genuine. It encouraged me to buckle up myself for the internship and give my best.

In addition, he talked about how important it is to have a contact with our seniors and to build strong professional network.

I asked him about his routine for spending his weekends. he clearly mentioned that he prefer to go for Photography on every Sunday from 5 a.m. until 9 a.m. before breakfast.

I was very surprised from his response which encouraged me to ask a further question from him. So I asked, "I personally, postpone my assignments to weekends, how do you manage to keep this balance?"
He clearly explained that we take an assignment just for marks rather we should ask ourselves that what it is that I can learn from it? Why it is given to me in a way it has been given? This will help you to not only complete them on time but also in a very productive manner."

That actually made a lot of sense and I could relate it with the times when I participated in events and how my mindset used to be in those events. If I apply that technique on my assignments as well, it will surely bring fruitful results in my life.

He also talked about how the importance of Social Media will grow even further in the coming era. To exemplify, he discussed an ad of Shine.com which makes us realize that the interviewer is already aware about what we actually are, as soon as we enter the Interview Room.

Surprisingly, wisdom is always around us but we prefer to look at the world through our eyes instead of using our abilities to vision and embrace observations.

I simply couldn't resist myself from taking as many suggestions as possible from him. To my surprise, he kept sharing his wisdom in a best manner that I wanted to preserve each minutes of his wise words during that conversation.

Things I Learned from Rajesh Verma Sir:
  1. No matter what you do, just keep in mind what you are going to learn from your work, you will automatically perform well.
  2. Look at a job from a perspective of a Career not just as a job.
  3. Keep looking for an opportunity around, better ones are always available.
  4. There is only one difference between IIM Students and other students. It is that they either sleep or spend their time discussing case studies, working on certain tasks or their own personal development.
  5. Enjoyment is must, there shouldn't be any compromise with it. However, it should be done after completing our tasks.
Keep Learning :-)
Keep Sharing :-)
Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Sood.

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