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Thursday, 18 May 2017

A Compliment Made My Day.

A Compliment Made My Day.

Things I Learned Today (May 17, 2017):-
  1. Prepare. Practice. Perform. (P.S. An Ideal Situation To Score Well. But We take it as Procrastinate. Prepare. Perform.)
  2. We should never categorize any event as good or bad as we know very little about life. (Lesson Credits: Shiv Khera)
  3. Sometimes, it's the praises that makes us a better person. (P.S. Aishwarya praised me for being a positive person.
P.S. The day was amazing, I was able to perform satisfactorily in my exam. In addition, Aishwarya stated that she believes that I am the most positive person among her friend circle. This simply implanted a seed of inspiration within me to become even more positive than I am at present, so that I don't ever disappoint the people who compliment me for what I am. Once again I am really thankful to her for providing such an amazing and inspiring compliment to me.)

Keep Learning 😃
Keep Sharing 😃

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Sood.

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