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Saturday, 29 April 2017



#Things_I_Learned_Today (April 17, 2017):

  1. Self-Love is amazing. (Anchors at YSF)
  2. You must speak against what is wrong. (Lesson Credits: Vishnu)
  3. Lessons from speeches.
  4. That awesome moment when you take a stand for others. (P.S. Request speaker to speak in English)
  5. That amazing feeling when you know that you see things differently. (Garbage on the floors.)
  6. Sometimes, you have to let go what you want for what you need. (TedX Speaker vs. SAP Test.)
  7. A speaker is a speaker, does not matter whether good or bad.
  8. Purpose of your life is to gain knowledge. (P.S. He said that he destroyed all his degrees.) He also said that he write ‘Humanity’ in the column of religion)
  9. Lessons Learned from Nand Kishore Sehgal.
  10. Lessons Learned from Mr. Chandra Mohan Gupta.
  11. Lessons Learned from Mr. Stanzin Dawa.

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