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Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Success Story in the event: Bol Bachan

The Success Story in the event: Bol Bachan

Few days ago, I received a message from Nisha Rani, suggesting me to participate in the event: ‘Bol Bachan’. I decided to go ahead with the same and asked Shubhraj to participate in the event together. While, the deadline for submission of the Story Presentation was near, we almost changed our mind that we would not submit a story. There was no particular reason but still we were focusing on other things.
It was not until the deadline day i.e. April 13, 2017, when I met with Chirag and he asked me if I had submitted a solution. I told him, “Not yet, but pictures are ready, we will do it by the evening.”
That moment I decided to resume with the competition and this is how we again came back into the race of winning this competition.
Later, on April 14, 2017, when we were having a conversation with Likhit Sir, he said to us that had he been participating in the events, he would have done such things that people would wonder, “Was it possible to do it in that specific event also?”
At that time, we did not pay much attention to it. However, today when we were about to enter, 14-101L, Shubhraj asked me, “What different thing are we going to do today?”
“Others might have divided their parts but we will narrate together, line to line.”
Though, I was able to convince him with the same but still I was not satisfied with my own response because Likhit Sir’s statement kept flashing in my mind again and again.
Finally, while sitting in 14-101, I said to Shubhraj, “If you really want it to be different then we can do one thing that you narrate a story and I will do a solo role play, playing most of the characters. He agreed and I ran to arrange the required items.
Thankfully, one of the aunts assisted me to arrange a broom which helped us to perform our story live in front of all.
After all the performances were over and results were about to announce, I asked Shubhraj, “Do you want to see the height of Over-confidence?” and by saying so, I handed over my mobile to the team which was sitting adjacent to us. They understood my signal and said with a smile, “you guys will win.” I smiled back and told them that I was just kidding, results are still not out, so anybody can win”
Finally when the results were being announced for the 1st Runner Ups and 2nd Runner Ups, we did not guessed ‘Team 5’ at all. But now, this was the call for the Winners, I said to Shubhraj, right now we cannot lose hope.
So the moment Varinder Sir asked, “Any Guesses!”
“Team 5”, I shouted.
“Absolutely wrong”, he replied.
Now, I had no hope to win.
People started guessing other teams, but nobody was able to guess right.
That moment, my hope came back and I shouted again, “Team 5”.
“That’s right”, he replied.
Finally we were announced as the Winners.
I am extremely grateful to Nisha and Chirag for giving us this opportunity and encouraging us to reach to that point.
I am also thankful to all the well-wishers who wished us Luck to perform our best especially the soothsayer of this event: Hazrat.
Thank you for being part of our happiness by reading it.
Rohit Sood.

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