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Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Day When A Teacher Offered Me A Tea

The Day When A Teacher Offered Me A Tea.

#Things_I_Learned_Today (April 7, 2017):-
Lessons Learned From Webinar: Jeffrey Allen.
  1. Don't tell what you are, just deliver your work. (Lesson Credits: Jeffrey)
  2. People see problem more in physical body but not in Energy Body.
  3. Create energy and take action in the physical part.
  4. Energy block is the only reason that stops you from implementing your idra.
  5. Energy moves as quickly as your imagination.
  6. Many people go through the hardships in life, very few people decide to overcome them by their efforts.

Other Things Learned Today:
  1. When there is no inspection above a person, he or she may decide to go off his/her ethics. (P.S. Ticket Checker turned Bus Conductor for a day.)
  2. That awesome moment when you come to know that people praise about you at your back. (A conversation with Ameer Sohail.)
  3. Sometimes, you end up doing confused position about the Brand You. (Funny vs. Serious)
  4. That hilarious moment when a teacher gives you Rs. 100 and asks you to go out to have tea and come back. (P.S. Thanks To Supernova Mam.)
  5. It's easy to make fun of others but the real talent resides when you laugh at yourself.
  6. Let's make our work so professional that we as a person don't have to act formal. (Lesson Credits: Pulkit Bansal)
  7. Tasks become difficult to accomplish if they are not scheduled.

Another Hilarious Day:
The marketing tutorial was about to start when Supernova Mam reminded of the previous day when I was doing a case study discussion of Maruti Sazuki but I was mispronounced Maruti as 'Mruti', so she laughed and tried to remember my pronunciation but she couldn't pronounce the way I did.
Meanwhile I started singing slowly, "Maaruti Nandan, sunlo meri pukaar, pavan soot...."
Mam overheard me and realized that I was singing so she asked me to go forward and sing infront of the whole class.
I told her, "I can't sing, but if you want, I can dance."
She wanted me to sing only and stated that she didn't want to lose her job. As I sang the song, I realized that people were not enjoying so I sang a punjabi song in a hilarious manner. After I performed, Mam said that in her whole teaching career, she hasn't seen a person who made more than me. Meanwhile, Mam was busy doing something with her purse and she said,"Isne toh Hadd hi kardi."
In response, I sang, "Hadd kardi aapne, hadd kardi aapne....."
Mam gave me Rs. 100 note to have a tea outside the class. I recommended her to keep money and I ll have the tea. I came back after having tea, and returned Rs. 93 to her. In addition, I gave her Kit-Kat chocolate.
Overall, the day was quite amazing as it made me stronger than I was. It put me under a situation where I was never before and therefore, it has taught me something which i never knew before.

Special Thanks to Supernova Mam for helping to experience an ordinary day in an extraordinary manner.

Rohit Sood.

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