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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Mr. Stanzin Dawa, Regional Director at Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development.

Mr. Stanzin Dawa, Regional Director at Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development.

"How far you are going to be in the future is going to be determined by the size of your dream. If your dream is small, don't expect big things."
"Juley", he yelled.
Audience got super excited and shouted in unison.
"In Le Ladak, we call Namaskar as 'Juley'", he explained.
"Juley", he repeated.
"Juleyyyy", we joined with him.
"Today, my topic is 'Unleashing your potential'", he introduced the topic.
He started in a very beautiful manner and one of his statements, hit right into my heart which was as follows:
"If you are not doing what you are meant to do, you are not doing injustice to yourself but also to the millions of people whose life you can be changed with your presence in his world."
"In 2015, 17 Goals for Sustainable Development were formed.", he continued.
4th Goal of Sustainable Development consists of 'Education'. Education does not refer to just attaining a Degree but to develop the right attitudes.
'We may be producing doctors but our health will not be safe.'
So, instead of degree, quality education must be attained.
"Educational Institute is a platform where you connect young minds with old ones.", he added.
As a youth, our role is very important in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.
His session was getting interesting from his every words.
He continued, "You are playing a game of life to win, not to lose."
That was the moment when he decided to introduce an activity to us. Here it goes.
"When I say '1", you say, 'I am a winner'."
(Normally, we look for someone to listen us. But right now, say it to yourself. Say I am not going to giveup.)
When I say, "2"
You say, "I Believe"
(If India needs to develop, it needs Job Creators not Job Seekers because Job Seekers will always seek and will sad.)
When I say, "3"
You say, "I create"
(I create new opportunities, new strategies, new goals, new relations.)
When I say, "4"
You say, "I am a Leader"
(India needs Youth Leadership.)
Share and let the message reach to most of the people.
Let's provide Hope to many.
"This activity is very helpful if you want to unleash your potential.", he added, "You must have a goal in your life. People will criticize you, bully you, saying,"you are inferior, you are bad", don't pay attention to them, just stay focused, work like an elephant. Follow your dream with conviction, commitment and focus, it will be yours."
He later, asked a very interesting question from all of us, "How many of you believe that people are greatest assets of the organization?"
More than 60% of us raised our hands in agreement.
However, he continued, "But I don't."
All of us were surprised to listen that.
"It is the quality people, people with character, competent people, people who can contribute, people who can empower, they are the greatest asset of the organization. And rest of the people are liabilities. To know more about this concept, watch the below video."
Few moments later, Anchor came at his place, meanwhile, the speaker was at the center of the stage. He looked at the anchor and said,"As I can see him on stage, I feel that my time is up now and I must leave the stage but before leaving, I would like to share one story of an eagle which you can easily relate to your own life."

P.S. The story of an eagle has already been shared in a video shared on the Facebook Page: @penmanrohit

I hope this session must have added value in your life also.
Keep Learning ;)
Keep Sharing :-)
Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Sood.

(If you have enjoyed reading the experience of this speech, feel free to watch the below video at @penmanrohit to learn more about India as a youthful)

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