Last Lecture with Supernova Ma'am. - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Last Lecture with Supernova Ma'am.

Last Lecture with Supernova Ma'am.

Things I Learned on April 25, 2017:-

1.      That amazing moment when your teacher hugs you just to praise you and grant you best wishes for your future.
Thanks to Harmandeep Sir for the following lessons.
2.      Think from macro perspective.
3.      You must be able to justify your choices whenever required.
4.      You must know the basic reason for why you want to do whatever you want to.
5.      Silence is the powerful tool. Learn to use it efficiently. (Lesson Credits: M Rahul Sir)
6.      Look at the things based on how it may affect you.
7.      Use the concept of Filtration in your life.
8.      You must know how to launch a product.
9.      People may not realize but you helped them but it gives you an inner satisfaction. (P.S. Classmate was feeling thirsty, I arranged water for her but she did not come to know it was because of me, yet I felt better.)
P.S. Today was an amazing day, it was the last class with Supernova Ma'am and we were enjoying a lot. In addition, she grants all of us, best wishes for our future. I really appreciate the way she taught all of us throughout the semester with so much Love and care. I wish to have our as my teacher once again because our way of teaching is quite amazing.

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