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Monday, 3 April 2017

Another Amazing Day of my Life.

Another Amazing Day of my Life.
#Things_I_Learned_Today  (April 3, 2017):-

- Make plans for the things you want to do on next day.
- You must always try new things. (P.S. A story shared by Sai. At young age, Elephant was tied with a chain, even when he grow older, he keep doubting his abilities and never try to break the chain.
- Don't make fun of others. (P.S. A story shared by Sai: Once Upon a time, a Father was travelling with his 24 years old son. While the train was moving forward, a son told his father that the grass are moving backward and the clouds are accompanying them forward. People who were present there, suggested his father to take him to a doctor. A father replied, "We are just coming from the doctor only, he was not having eyes from past 24 years, now he has just got the eyes.)
- It does not matter how people treat you but still if you realize that you are not being treated the way you deserve, make a distance from them.

- You should not make premature comclusions about people. (Story shared by Sai about a boy and a waitress. Once a poor child, went to a restaurant and order for an ice cream. "50$", the waitress demanded. The boy
- took so long to count the money that it irritated not only the other customers but also the waitress due to which she scolded him. A boy said is there any cheaper ice cream. Finally he took the $35 ice cream and sat on the corner. Few moments later, the waitress found crying. She realized that the boy paid 50$ including the $15 tip for the waitress.)
- Be the driver of your own environment. (P.S. A story shared by Sai about a daughter whose father asked her to put Egg, Potato and Bean in a boiling water separately when she told him that she was tired of facing many problems.

Thanks to Kenam Sai Kishore for sharing such stories with me and for helping me to learn some of the above lesssons.

5 Things Successful People do before 8 a.m:-
1. Exercise
2. Map Your Day
3. Eat a healthy breakfast
4. Visualization
5. Make your day top heavy:- Do the most difficult things first.

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