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Saturday, 1 April 2017

A Day When Sanjay Sir Gave Me An Advice.

A Day When Sanjay Sir Gave Me An Advice.

#Things_I_Learned_Today (April 1, 2017):-

- The more you speak, the more energy you generate and more it gets wasted.
- Sometimes, it's better to speak less as people may take it in a wrong way.
- It's really important to let go when you already know that it does not deliver any output to you or anyone. (Lesson Credits: Shipra.)
- You must not focus on just marks but rather increase knowledge in your own field of work. (Lesson Credits: Sanjay Jindhal Sir)
- You must improve your attire and be more confident. (Lesson Credits: Sanjay Sindhal Sir)
- You must keep your virtual personality in align with your real self. (Lesson Credits: Sanjay Jindhal Sir)
- Loyalty Test does not imply that you have to be loyal only to the person who is taking that test but at least to that one thing or person who matters the most to you.

P.S. Today was the first day of Excel Workshop. In addition, the conversation with Sanjay Jindhal Sir was quite amazing. The way he encouraged me was commendable and interestingly he was observing me even more than what I was speaking. He could analyze my each and every body moment while I was talking to him.
I promise to myself that I will work on the tips given by him and apply them in my real life.

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