Pre-Birthday Celebration - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Pre-Birthday Celebration.

Things I Learned on April 28, 2017:

1.      When you start living for others, life starts to become even more beautiful.
2.      Don’t be selfish about your team, look from the perspective of an organization. (Lesson Credits: Guneet Sir)
3.      Treat students as your friends. (Lesson Credits: Anish Yousuf Sir)
4.      That amazing moment when you get praises from many people. (P.S. People praised for the video.)
5.      That awesome moment when you stop caring about the world and start doing what you really love to do.

It was the last day of 1st year of MBA and I made a video for all my classmates just to surprise them with happiness and slap a smile on their face. They laughed, smiled and even became happy during that 5 minutes duration. I also celebrated my birthday as a pre-celebration and everyone was so happy to be a part of that gathering and undoubtedly enjoyed a lot. I was so glad to see them all smiling. Ahmad gifted me two novels of Shiv Khera and Savneet gave me Park Avenue as a gift. It was another awesome day spent at LPU.

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