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Sunday, 30 April 2017

An Interesting Session with Mr. Pratham Mittal, son of Ashok Mittal Sir

An Interesting Session with Mr. Pratham Mittal, son of Ashok Mittal Sir:

(P.S. You won't regret reading it.)
Just at the beginning of the session, he clearly mentioned that he did not have a structured discussion in his mind for the session but he would go along with Q & A session to be more interactive with all of us.
Undoubtedly, he succeeded in his motive because he did not limited himself to Q & A but also shared his own experiences.
He started with his small introduction and the story of how he decided to start his own Venture i.e. Outgrow or you can call it a VenturePact. He explained how a small realization of a pain point encouraged him to start his own company.
The agenda of this talk was to make us realize that we must not just focus ourselves on degree but also on taking risks for starting a new venture. In other words, we must start something of our own.
To my surprise, he stated that he has never paid for any hotel in his whole life because he has friends in different states or cities so they make arrangements for his stay.
This reminded him to ask us, "From how far location, you have made a friend?"
Students started giving their responses such as a Bihar, Assam, etc.
Thinking as if it was an Auction, Saikishore Kenam stood up and yelled, "My name is Sai Kishore and I have a friend from Afghanistan. His name is Ahmad Sina Sabawoon."
(Certainly, this was the farthest location so far.)
"So what have you learned from him?", Pratham asked.
Sai answered in a very beautiful manner and praised so much about Ahmad.
I agreed with all of his points as right in my heart but realized that he missed some of the qualities of Ahmad so I also stood up and added few more.
Pratham smiled and teased, "Everybody knows him?"
The session was getting interesting and exciting moment after moment at its own pace.
It appeared hilarious to me when he mentioned, "Every night on dinner, my Parents come up with the same topic, "Why don't you do MBA?""
He smiled asked us the reasons for why we chose MBA. Some of us including me answered, to which he said that it was a fair decision for us but it still could not encourage him to persue MBA.
"I am a person who want to do everything.", he added.
To give us a demo, he asked us to open his website, "" on our mobiles where a pop up would appear, as a message on bottom-right corner of the website from 'Pratham'
"If you see this option, kindly message me anything.", he stated.
Some of us excluding me took part in his activity and sent him some messages.
He started getting notifications for the same. This is how I keep control of everything as I am here with you and online too.
The session was getting deeper and deeper as he was continuously going in his flow of sharing his knowledge and experience with us.
Few moments later, he shared a story of his friend who got placed in Google but before that he asked.
"Can anyone of you speak Arabic?", he asked.
Nobody raised their hands nor answered anything.
Seeing an opportunity, I added, "Ahmad can speak."
Everybody, including Pratham, laughed out loud.
In his laughter, he stated, "Yaar Bulao kabhi Ahmad ko, I would like to meet him."
This situation made him even more excited to carry on with the session.
Pratham followed the path of entrepreneurhip wheres his friend decided to go ahead with Google.
So one day they asked each other of their working profile.
His friend designed the Color Panel option on Gmail whereas that time Prantham's venture was at infant's stage and hence was not much popular.
"Your whole job is just to focus on one Color Panel, whereas I hande all the aspects including Marketing HR, Finance related to my venture.", Pratham teased his friend.
"How many people use your website services?", his friend asked him.
He laughed and said to us that it was just limited to few hundreds of people so he said the same to his friend.
"My color panel is being used by more than a billion people on daily basis."
He smiled and gradually his smile turned into a laughter.
However, this moment I realized that everyone has their own priorities so we cannot judge others based on their choices.
Session was going on, but for some reasons, I had to leave earlier but I had one query from him before I could go.
So I raised my hand and asked,"You mentioned that you prefer to do everything by yourself only but I have heard that, "If you start doing everything, you will end up doing nothing. Second thing you did an activity of showing us how you get messages from all but I believe that you must have delegated this responsibility to others because it will certainly reduce the efficiency of your services."
After listening to me, he smiled and said that he would answer both the questions.
Surprisingly, he gave both answers satisfactorily.
For the first, he gave an example of how Ashok Mittal Sir had to pay huge funds to a company for creating UMS but it wasn't satisfactory. It was only because Sir wasn't aware about what it takes to build a website and whom he should have approached. Similarly, we must be aware of everything so that nobody can fool us.
Secondly, he smiled and said, "Haha! You caught that right. Definitely, there is a whole team who does this job. However, being a CEO I must keep an eye on my employees and their work so that they reply the customers on time and provide them proper assistance."
I must say that my queries were answered in an efficient manner.
After getting my answer, I decided to leave at 5:19 p.m. because I had a bus to board at 5:40 p.m. from Phagwara.
Things I Learned from Pratham Mittal:
- "Company decided to start itself and it chose me as a founder.", Pratham Mittal
- Start your own venture. Take risks. This is the age to make mistakes.
- Awareness of everything is more than more than Knowing everything.
- It's perfectly fine to leave the session from within, because ultimately, you must not face any problem, wondering what others may think of you.

P.S. If anyone of you were also in the session, kindly share your experiences so that we can learn even more.

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