March 22, 2017 - Sawera Live Project Day 3 at Amritsar. - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

March 22, 2017 - Sawera Live Project Day 3 at Amritsar.

Sawera Live Project Day 3 at Amritsar. 

Things I Learned On March 22, 2017:-
  1. You must plan not only for the best situation but also for the worst scenario. (Lesson Credits: Ayush Jawa)
  2. You must try, things will get done gradually. (Lesson Credits: Parminder Mam)
  3. People may not respect some relations but you must always be conscious about what's right and what's wrong.
  4. Stay away from gossips as much as you can.
  5. Stay the way you are, right people will follow you.
  6. Respect money, it will respect you back. (Lesson Credits: Tushar Sachdeva)
  7. Go slowly, so that you can keep going forward for a longer period of time. If you start fast, you will not be able to go far. (Lesson Credits: Parminder Mam)
  8. If you try, the work gets done. If you don't try, work will be left undone. (Lesson Credits: Parminder Mam)
  9. 'To start' is very important. You must start first.
  10. You must focus on one thing and be a master in it. Once you do it, then gradually you can improve in other areas as well. (Lesson Credits: Ayush Jawa)
  11. Do what you must do, at present only. If you delay others' work, they will delay yours. (Lesson Credits: Ayush Jawa)

P.S. The third day of Live Project with NGO Sawera, was quite amazing. I don't know from where to begin so I will prefer to start from the beginning of the day. Sai called and I came to know that he was getting to know at morning that I was going via bus so there was a little communication gap among us.
We were supposed to visit Rajasansi office of Sawera in Amritsar.
Later in the day, we discussed about the plan for the day and something surprising happened at morning, when we were talking about Power Point Presentations and then Ayush showed his own presentations and the commendable work was done by him and I was completely impressed to see how amazingly the presentations can be designed. 
Surprisingly, he shared all the tools with us to make good presentations. After the same, we went to Sawera's first office where we met with Parminder Mam. She was so experienced that I couldn't stop myself from collecting as many lessons as possible from her. She also told us how the NGO help TB pateints and pregnant women to get various schemes given to them by the government.Later, she took us on a field visit to do primary research on our project. It was really an amazing way to realize how big brands are made. Later, I had a short conversation with Ayush but faded all my fears for taking a Marketing Specialization.
On our way back, we went to eat something. In addition, we also had delicious ice cream. The details may not excite a reader yet, when you remember such an amazing day, it's hard to resist the thoughts of the day from flashing into your mind and heart.
We laughed out loud at various situations and created numerous memories.
Thank you for reading,

Rohit Sood.

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