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Friday, 3 March 2017

A Lot Can Happen In Bus: An Article You Won’t Regret Reading.

A Lot Can Happen In Bus: An Article You Won’t Regret Reading.

Do you believe in Omens?
Did you ever see a girl vacating a seat for someone?
Have you ever witnessed any beggar making a marketing strategy?
Did you ever vacate a seat for someone just because you know it feels right?
Well, here is an incident, containing all at once.
When I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for it to come, I was reading the “Marketing Case Study: Britannia Industries Ltd. ‘Revitalizing a Brand’” in my mobile.
Suddenly, I was able to see the reflection of my face on mobile screen which made the content in the case study to disappear. I felt that just few seconds ago, I was able to read the case study but the, I could see nothing but my face. Thereafter, I focused on reading the case study and I was no longer able to see the reflection of my face on the mobile screen. That moment I realized that ‘It is we who decide what to see’. We might get distracted in our way but focus is all what it takes to choose the right path. Meanwhile, the Bus arrived and I boarded it for a 45 minutes journey to Phagwara.
After reaching Phagwara, when I boarded a bus, for LPU, whose aisle was already occupied with people. I heard a dialogue which encouraged me to look at the TV screen and I saw it was a movie scene and somehow I could sense that it was the Climax of the movie which I haven’t seen. Within 3 seconds, I jumped out of the bus to get into another. Now this bus was having a seat for me. It was still at the Phagwara Bus Stand waiting to get filled completely. After the bus was also crowded with people, I noticed a guy who stood from his seat adjacent to the front door just to offer a seat to an old lady. I wanted to appreciate him but he was bit far from him.
Few minutes later, when bus started, a girl, sitting near the Aisle in one of two seat arrangements, asked a boy to call an old man who was standing next to him, she requested him to sit at her seat.
“No, Thank you”, Old man denied.
She gave a gesture insisting him to sit at her seat.
By now, he felt that she might be going to LPU and asked her, “So you are going up till LPU only?”
“Yes.”, she replied.
Then he agreed to take her seat and settled down there.
(P.S. Thank you for reading it so far. I insist, please read till the end)
Now, she was standing right next to where I was sitting i.e. the extreme left seat of three seats arrangement. To my surprise, she held the pole of the seat in front of me so I could clearly see Rs. 20 note in her hands which made me certain that she was going to Jalandhar but she had to lie to Uncle to offer him a seat. At this point, I wanted to offer her my seat but I thought I must not make an attempt to showcase myself as a hero because I had been at that side of the story so I must let her also enjoy the bliss of doing such a great deed. Finally, the bus reached LPU but before leaving the bus, I looked at her to confirm if she has got the seat. The moment I came out of the bus, I had a smile on my face, brightness in my eyes and of course the respect in my heart for her.
Unfortunately, the story does not end here or it actually does. But its sequel yet to begin.
After 8 Hours,
It was around 5:20 p.m. when I was sitting in a bus outside LPU main Gate, waiting for it to start, two young girls (almost 6-9years old) entered in the bus. One of them was slightly younger than the other. Unlike morning, I was sitting on the right seat of two seats arrangement. Therefore, they were standing right next to me and were talking to each other. They were having some discussions with each other.
On the other hand, when I was writing my Today morning’s bus experience on a Jotter pad, a girl from LPU came and stood near me. I knew that one act of giving a seat to someone was due on me since morning so I offered my seat to her.
To my surprise, she said, “Thank you.” My heart smiled in response.
Jokes apart, meanwhile the younger of the two girls told the other that they will divide the money in 50-50 share. The elder one held her hand and signaled her to be quiet. Interestingly, younger girl couldn’t stop her excitement and came closer to the other and whispered in her hears about 50-50 partition of money. At this moment, I felt that even the beggars have to make some marketing strategies to earn a living. The curious girl was about to start when the elder one again gestured her to stay calm and wait. They waited for around 2 minutes after the bus started.
“Now”, signaled the elder girl.
She walked towards the center of the bus and started singing, “Peerh Tere Jaan Di Kida Jaraanga Main, Tere Bagair Zindagi… Ki Karaange Main.”
Curious girl was about to start begging, the elder one again seized her hands to stop her and wait for the right time.
They waited for few moment and finally, curious one went to the backside and the other towards the front, to collect the money. Elder girl was busy collecting money on the front, whereas I heard a voice of laughter from back side, it were college students cracking some jokes and making the young girl comfortable and encouraging each other to give money to her. I observed everything around deeply and until the girls were coming back to the center of the bus to meet each other with a bundle of Rs. 10 notes in hands.
Surprisingly, I was reminded with the days of my Corporate Life when we were asked to stretch for 1 hour more to get Rs. 100 extra. On the other hand, I realized how much important it is to strategize your actions in life. All the omens and incidents seemed to be working in my favor to grant me with such a loaded experience in a day.
Kindly share your learnings after reading this experience J
Thank you for reading,
Rohit Sood.

(Image Source: http://resources0.news.com.au/images/2014/03/07/1226847/846060-8ff08f20-a58b-11e3-99b2-79b816649b85.jpg)

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