March 15, 2017 - A Day Of Appreciation By A Teacher: - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

March 15, 2017 - A Day Of Appreciation By A Teacher:

A Day Of Appreciation By A Teacher:

Things I Learned On March 15, 2017:-
1.       Prioritize your priorities only. (Lesson Credits: Chris Brogan) (Podcast)
2.       Authors who say, “I don’t have time” are the ones who say, “Yes” to things they shouldn’t. (Lesson Credits: Chris Brogan)
3.       To-do list is a noble M_____. (Lesson Credits: Chris Brogan)
4.       That awesome moment when your teacher praises you for who you are. (P.S. A praise for Supernova Mam)
5.       You must say yes to things that matters most. (Lesson Credits: Madhusudhan)
6.       Half knowledge is really harmful. (Emily Dickinson vs. Thomas Edison)
A Day Of Appreciation By A Teacher.
Day started with the normal routine, I was attending the classes as per the time table. At 12 p.m., Jatin Saini said Hi to me and I asked for some of his suggestions and he encouraged me very well by providing the required amount of information to participate in tomorrow's event. Few minutes later, in the English Lecture, Bhawna Mam discussed herfeedback regarding my incident-turned-story 'An Unknown Girl Who Made Me Smile Today In A Bus' and later I mistakenly made a point of Thomas Edison where I wanted to talk about Emily Dickinson.
We were having a lunch break from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in which I went to Staff Room No. 302 to meet Ajay Khullar Sir for some suggestions but he was not there. However, Supernova Mam offered to help me instead. She gave me many tips which I can use in the Elocution which is going to held on tomorrow. She was shocked to realize that my GK is very low and hence gave me some topics and incidents name on which I can research.
At 2p.m.  I was having a lecture with Supernova Mam and an hilarious thing happened in the class due to which everybody of us including Mam, were laughing. Few moments later, Mam asked,"Are you done laughing?"
"No", I replied.
Class burst out of laughter.
Mam came near me and waited for two seconds and said, "Go out."
I asked her if I could come back after I was done with laughing.
"No, go for this whole lecture."
"I will control now, I am done already." I stated, but laughed out again within the next micro-seconds.
"Stand up", she scolded with a smile.
"If you laugh again, I will you stand on your seat now", she continued. 
I nodded but ended up laughing again. Without wasting a second, I stood on my seat.
Before I could see my fellow class mates, I heard the voice of apllauds from each person who was present in the class.
"In my whole teaching career of 10 years, I have came across a student who is as spirited as you are. I bow down in front of you", Mam stated.
My heart smiled more than my face could express, I felt good about myself for not being driven by people's opinion.
"If any other student had been at your place, he would have escaped from doing it", he continued, while she came near me and hold both of my shoulders and praised again.
I felt good once again and rest of the day appeared to be more beautiful than ever.
Thank you for reading it,
Rohit Sood.

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