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Sunday, 5 March 2017

A B.Tech Turned Author: Mr. Harkamal Preet Pal Singh Ubhi

A B.Tech Turned Author: Mr. Harkamal Preet Pal Singh Ubhi

It was April 16, 2016 when I saw a Post on Facebook from one of my Facebook Friends, sharing a link of the Book, “The Student Life”. When I opened that link, I realized that it was actually written by himself.

Next morning, while sitting at my office, I searched for his book on Amazon, followed by searching his name on Google. To my surprise, he was everywhere and I was very glad to see his published books. I immediately downloaded the book to my Kindle.
The moment I reached my residence, I texted him on Facebook to congratulate him for his success. I knew at that moment also that it must not have been easy for him to reach at this stage because we usually see the success of a person but never consider the blisters he/she had to go through. To know about the same, I asked him, “There is always someone behind our Success, tell me about the person who inspired you to write?”

“It was my Father who encouraged me to write as he had more faith on my abilities even more than mine. I blindly believed in his faith and felt confidence within me to explore my talents to the core and hence I started working on my first book.”, he answered.
He is a person who his passionate about Reading, Writing, Public Speaking and of course, The Internet.

I always had a fear about making grammatical errors or I used to wonder how much costly it might be, to publish my own book, so I asked him about the expenditure required for publishing a book. He handled all my queries in a best manner which gave me confidence to begin writing my own book.
He writes for encouraging people to make the best use of power of mind to get the Success, Happiness and Mental Health in life. I must say that it is one of the most important agenda that everyone must utilize to the core as even I personally believe that the Power of Subconscious Mind is attainable only with the habitual thinking activities as Mr. Ubhi states in his books as well.

That chat lasted for less duration but I aspired to meet him soon. However, we could not find a common slot to meet with each other.

After few months on October 15, 2016, I saw his another status with a link of his website. When I opened the link and read some of the comments on the website, I was so pleased to see how many people were inspired from his work and were able to find Happiness within them. To read such comments: (http://harkamalubhi.in/comment/)

This reinvigorated me to text him once again and appreciate cum congratulate him for one of the comments I saw for him. I even talked about The Interview which he had with Fiona.
Finally, I requested him to encourage me to write more. Very calmly, he praised for the stories I wrote so far and appreciated me for being a motivated person along with a suggestion for me to write a book. He immediately gave me a contact number of one of the Publications House so that I can contact them directly when my Book is ready.
I was really impressed by his approach for helping others to the best of his abilities.

“Thank you”, I said.
“Mention not brother, I have already helped many authors”, he replied.

By now, I was certain that he has improved a lot in his life and has become a mature author. (He is not just an Author. He is a B.Tech Student, Founder of Ubhi Consultant, a sportsman and co-founder of Skill Infinity.)
I asked him, “When did you take your first step?”

“It was three years ago when I started. Trust me, it wasn’t a piece of cake. Few years back, I used to be a negative person but I had a thing for reading motivational books and one day, my Father recommended me to start writing. That’s when it all began”, he answered.
In addition, he consider himself among the millions of people who failed, struggled and strived for success. He also stated that he had unclear dreams and blurred vision for his goals in life but what made him different from all others is his undying learning attitude to hold on to his faith on what he was doing.

He kept going forward in his life and left no stones unturned to make his presence known in many fields and has achieved many milestones in his life which can be found from this link.
Later, I requested him to tell, “How to set proper deadline for the book activity?”
He answered, “Set your deadline like you have to complete 1 chapter in week or month as per your convenience, then you will be able to complete it soon.”

Few months later, on December 9, 2016, I texted him again on WhatsApp stating that I had been procrastinating for writing a book and still facing issues.

This time he used a different approach to inspire me like any Faculty and said, “It is not everyone’s cup of tea to write a book, you will write a book when it will come from within you and you will automatically be able to write and complete it.”

Now, this really encouraged me to think on what I really wanted. That day, I did a brainstorming with myself and came up with not only a new idea for a book but also the Title on which I wanted to work on.

I hereby thank him for his contribution of inspiring me at times when I needed someone to show me the right path.

Mr. Harkamal, Wish You A Happy First Book Anniversary. This Was The Day When You Took Rebirth As An Author.
This Post is dedicated to you. Hope you like it.
Keep Learning J
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Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Sood.

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