February 08, 2017 - A Day Spent Smiling. - Things I Learned Today

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Saturday, 11 February 2017

February 08, 2017 - A Day Spent Smiling.

A Day Spent Smiling.

#Things_I_Learned_Today  (February 8, 2017):-
-          Sometimes, it’s not important to watch the full movie because some of them may not be worth watching. (Girl Asleep.)
-          Do not ask about what you should do, from others.
-          That awkward moment when you feel that you may be begging for someone's love.
-          You cannot listen with your mouth open.
-          Love yourself the way you are.
-          Consistency will always give you fruitful results but you must not give up on something you believed.
-          If something is given for free, it loses its value then and there. (Lesson Credits: Jasneet Mam)
-          Winning is always important it is a driving force to give your best. (Open Audi Club)

-          That one moment when you give your honest opinion to people. (OAC)

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