February 3, 2017 - A Day Spent Well - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

February 3, 2017 - A Day Spent Well

A Day Spent Well

Things I Learned On February 3, 2017:-           
-          It doesn't matter how talented others are, you must create a better version of yourself every day.
-          That hilarious moment when you realize how clever you are, in crazy stuff. (A situation in a bus)
-          That amazing moment when you get an honest feedback from people. (Feedback activity in Soft Skills class.)
-          Bring a smile on someone’s face, it bring a happiness in your heart. (Lesson Credits: Supernova Mam)
-          You may do mistakes in your life but you need to start from scratch rather you can correct your mistakes during the journey of your life. (Lesson Credits: Upgrad Class.) (400 vs. 410 Example in video)
-          Sometimes, you can also forget some things, just forgive yourself at such times. (P.S. Forgot to call Gursimar at morning to wish him Happy Birthday.)
-          Sometimes, it's important to choose your health over normal routine. (Letting go of Storytelling session because of not being well.)
-          You must do what you love irrespective of what people suggest you. (P.S. Story of Ravish Behal, shared by Likhit Sir, who has been selected in Apple Inc. after gaining 13 years of experience in Operations Field.)
-          That amazing moment when a Teacher supports your statement. (Moneycontrol.com)

-          - Sometimes, it's important to ask something to know something else. (Lesson Credits: Guneetpaul Singh Sir)

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