February 14, 2017 - A Day of Valentine. - Things I Learned Today

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

February 14, 2017 - A Day of Valentine.

A Day of Valentine.

Things I Learned On February 14, 2017:-
-          You may not be good at everything, but it is you who have to decide what you are good at. (Lesson Credits: Harmandeep Sir)
-          You must choose at least 3 industries of your own choice and must gain knowledge about them. (Lesson Credits: Harmandeep Sir)
-          First mover advantage is applicable in our real life as well. (P.S. Research News was presented by someone else.) (INFORMS)
-          If we don’t act on our intentions, somebody else will. (INFORMS Journal Marketing Science)
-          You must not underestimate yourself. (Research News)
-          Create your own rules and live upto them. (Lesson Credits: Supernova Mam)
-          You must let go off negativity and grudges for people out of your mind. (P.S. Story shared by Gagan Sir.)
-          That amazing moment when someone gives you a special attention. (Story of Pepsi CEO, Mrs. Indrani shared by Supernova Mam.)
-          There is always a scope of improvement but that does not mean that you are less than anybody else. (Lesson Credits: Subhashni Verma)
-          Believe in what you do, you will automatically be able to give your best performance. (Lesson Credits: Subhashni Verma)
-          Take opinions from others. Do research on what you do or are going to do. (Lesson Credits: Subhashni Verma)
-          She also gave tips to use Quora, Yahoo Answers and Google News column.
-          Your life automatically appears to be awesome when you compare it with someone’s life who don’t have what you have. It can equally signify that your life seems miserable if you don’t have what you want but others already have it. (Lesson Credits: Jasleen Pearl)

-          Some things become boring only because they are so easy to get done. (Lesson Credits: Shubhraj)

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