February 18, 2017 - A Day of First Debate Competition. - Things I Learned Today

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

February 18, 2017 - A Day of First Debate Competition.

A Day of First Debate Competition.

#Things_I_Learned_Today  (February 18, 2017):-
- Nothing what you expect goes exactly the way you expect. Few fluctuations do take place.
- The more you worry, the poorer you perform.
- Sometimes, too much of discussion may reduce your coordination with your team mate. (Vakyudha)
- It's good to take feedback from others but it is necessary to take it only from the ones you know are going to give a genuine feedback only.
- That amazing moment when you learn more by failure even more than a success. (Vakyudha)
- You must always review your performance either good or bad. (Shubhraj's discussion regarding his Interview at Pune's College)

P.S. Today it was my first debate competition.
Our performance went awesome. Even though we could not win but we had an amazing feeling while performing in front of the audience.
Later, Shubhraj was discussing with me his Interview for Post-Graduation in one of the colleges of Pune. As he did not get any response from them from past few days, he thought he might not have selected so I wanted to know what went wrong in his interview.
While he was discussing the same with me, his phone rang. On call, he got a news from the college that he has been selected. The moment he cut the call, he said, "Now there is no point in discussing what we are talking about". I understood what he was trying to say by that.

That moment I suggested him to learn something from this situation. In fact, I myself learned that we must review our every performance whether good or bad. Today also, even if we have failed in Debate Competition, yet we have learned many lessons by analyzing our Performance in debate.

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