January 02, 2017 - A Day Of Departure From Patiala - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

January 02, 2017 - A Day Of Departure From Patiala

A Day Of Departure From Patiala.
#Things_I_Learned_Today (January 02, 2017):-
- Love is in the heart, there is no point of mixing it with physical presence. (Lesson Credits: Baljinder Uncle ji)
- You will be able to reach your destination only if you take one path and follow it throughout, instead of changing routes every now and then.(Lesson Credits: Gogy Bua Ji)
- Sometimes, even a stranger can be your well wisher. (Lesson Credits: Auto Driver)
- That awkward moment when you realize your mistake after a day.
- That amazing moment when you accept your mistake and apologize for the same.
- A misunderstanding can only pull your relations down.
Things I Learned from Dr. Gursharan Singh Ji:-
- Sometimes, it's important to accept that you have changed.
- We tend to share more when we experience so much.
- Concept of What is right vs Who is right: When 'What' gets converted into 'Who', a topic of discussion turns into an argument.
- Sometimes, Procrastination can save your life.

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