January 11, 2017 - First Day Of 2nd Semester. - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

January 11, 2017 - First Day Of 2nd Semester.

First Day Of 2nd Semester. 

#Things_I_Learned_Today  (January 11, 2017):-
- You must pay for the service you acquire. (P.S. Policeman did not pay.)
- That one moment when you get satisfaction from what you do, even when you were never asked to do it. (Chairs in a library)
- You just need to put your efforts, you will automatically get whatever you want in life. (A paper soap.)
- "You will have a slow start in life but the grass is greener ahead. (Lesson Credits: M Rahul Sir)
- You only own something when you use it. (Lesson Credits: Bhawna Shrey Mam)
- Language and Dressing go closely together. (Lesson Credits: Bhawna Shrey Mam)
- That awesome moment when you stop caring what people think about you. (Lesson Credits: Me)
- How you market yourself is what matters the most. (Lesson Credits: Supernova Mam)
- "First you see, then you analayze.", Supernova Mam.
- MBA is not a degree but it is something you earn. (Lesson Credits: Supernova Mam)
- You must never panic when you are handling a team because that's how your team will also not panic. (Lesson Credits: Supernova Mam)
- Do what you love, it will relieve you from your worries. (Lesson Credits: Gagan Sir)
- Give at least 10 minutes every day to your personal development. (Lesson Credits: Gagan Sir)

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