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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

An Interaction with An Old Man In A Bus.

An Interaction with An Old Man In A Bus. 

At Phagwara bus stand, when I entered in a bus, I found a vacant seat next to an old man. The moment I was about to sit, my feet went on his feet and without wasting a second, I said, “Sorry Uncle Ji”, he smiled and replied, “it’s not a big deal.” 
“There are other people who create a big scene for these small issues. But I am not like them.”, he continued. 
I really liked the way he was explaining everything. 
“What’s your name?”, I asked. 
“Maninder Singh”, he replied. 
When I asked him what he does, “Nothing”, he replied. 
I decided to reframe my question and asked, “What have you done?” 
He stated that he worked in Electricity Board for more than 35 years and experienced many things in his life. 
By this time, I got an intention that I was about to learn something new today. 
“Have you ever got electric shock while working?”, I asked. 
He told me that he used to get current many times but none of them was major and it was a part of his job. However, he got saved two times from major electric shocks. In one of the two times, his colleague decided to go up on transformer to repair and it was around 10:00 p.m. Though his friend also did not get much current, but it might have been difficult for him, if he would have gone there, due to weak eye sight. 
After my request, he told me his age i.e. 63 years. 
“I am just 23 years old which means I am 40 years younger than you, so you have seen 40 years more than me, in fact, you have experienced altogether different 63 years as compared to mine. So what summary of those 63 years you want to tell me so that I can become a better version of myself in near future.” 
He smiled and said, “There are three things you must keep in mind; 1) Chori nai karni (Don’t steal), 2) Jhooth nai bolna (Don’t lie), 3) Kisi di dhee bhehan nu naa dekho (Don’t stare at girls). If you do this, you will never fail, you will pass. In his words,”Je tu aa 3 gallan dhyan ch rakhiya, fer tussi kadi nai fail hona, hamesha pass.”” 
I thanked him for his tips, meanwhile he continued his story about how he travelled to different cities in his working life and that he retired in 2011. 
He also shared a story of his friend, who retired three months after him, who gave a retirement party at his home. Uncle told me that after all the guests went home, only both of them were left at his friend’s house and he was so drunk that he stayed there at night. However, within the very next three days, his friend died with an electric shock and that too at his own house. 
I was so surprised to hear this incident that before the retirement, his friend was playing with electric wires for work and ironically, just after the retirement he died because of electric current only when he was off duty. 
Later, I asked Maninder Uncle about the major mistake that he did in his lifetime. 
“Sharaab bohut pitti main life ch”, he replied. (He told that he drank too much in his life) 
Subsequently, I asked him that if it was a mistake then he must stop repeating that mistake in his remaining life. He smiled and gestured in such a way that made me realize what he wanted to say. Hence, I confirmed from him, “so it has become a part of your life?”, he nodded while smiling again. 
Then I said, “Hor sunao?” 
“Sab Vdia”, he replied. 
I smiled and told him that it wasn’t the ‘hor sunao’ which we use to continue chat when we have nothing to say or ask, rather it was an opportunity for him to share something more about his life. He laughed out oud again and shared some more experiences of his life. 
I thanked him once again for sharing his lessons and stated, “There is around 7.6 billion population in this world and everyone knows something that other persons don’t, so what you have told me, I did not learn it before and might not have learned in future. Therefore, I am glad that I kicked your feet as I entered in the bus.” 
He laughed out loud and in fact blushed so much and said, “Never forget the things I told you and when we come across again, I may ask you these things to confirm if you would still remember them.” 
I assured him that I will keep his lessons in my mind and requested him to have one picture with me so that I can remember him for the rest of my life in such a way that I will still know his face and this day when I will be 63 years old like him. 
He smiled and said, “I forgot to ask your name” 
“You may forget my name, it’s Rohit Sood.” 
He stated that he will never forget my name because his grandson’s name is also Rohit. Now I smiled, in fact blushed and touched his feet to take his blessings then finally showed my gratitude to him for being so generous while sharing his life experiences. 
It was a wonderful conversation and undoubtedly a memorable day. 
Rohit Sood.

(P.S. When we clicked our first selfie it was good but I requested him to give a little smile and then the crazy thing happened. In Punjabi, “Ohna ne muchha nu ditta vatt, te fer kiti smile. Chakte phatte!)

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