December 31, 2016 - A Goodbye Day to 2016. - Things I Learned Today

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Monday, 2 January 2017

December 31, 2016 - A Goodbye Day to 2016.

A Goodbye Day to 2016:-
Things I Learned Today (December 31, 2016):-
- That awesome moment when you implement the lessons you learned on previous day.
- Crazy what people think of you when you don't choose to be a sheep.
- Divorce va Death concept. (Lesson Credits:- Inderjeet uncle ( Shubhraj's Grand Father))
- That one moment when you choose to be controller of situation instead of reacting upon a situation. (Costly vs Reasonable Cake.)
- Sometimes, people blame others for their own mistakes. (Drink vs Vomit.)
- That hilarious moment when elders are so good at making others smile. (Bua ji)
- Sometimes, people are misjudged because of lack of knowledge. (A small issue.)
- A small scene can be explained as an hilarious event. (Gogy Bua ji)
- We behave in a different way when, we are in a situation vs when we see someone in that situation. (Lesson Credits: Pearl)
- It's more important to do what is right than to do what a situation demands. (Lesson Credits: Gogy Bua Ji) (A small issue solution)
- Some things seem to hurt people but they don't prefer to express it at times. (P.S. "It is because of you it happened", a boy said to a girl.)
- That one moment when someone tells you regarding the face expressions of other people about you. (P.S. Solo Dance at home.)

P.S. Today I had a small conversation with Shubhraj's Grandfather Mr. Inderjeet Singh. I rarely met such a person in my life. Our conversation started when I asked him he was basically from Patiala, then he told me how he came from Bhakhra Nangal to Patiala. He later started telling about his wife. He showed me many of his old pictures. Meanwhile his wife's picture appeared on the mobile screen. Few seconds later, he stated something for which i got surprised.
"In 1986, she divorced with me and left me. By now, she might have even married again.", he stated.
I was like,"How could a great personality like him cane get into a situation of divorce."
Few seconds later, he smiled and said that she expired in 1986. Then he told about howmuch obedient she always was, that she didn't do things just like that on her own. He was always aware of her.
'I was so glad to see him praising for his wife even in her absence.'
Then he told how well she did all the ceremonies for his mother's expiry on 20 feb 1986 but few months later she expired on 3 April 1986.
Then he told me that he doesn't believe in Re-birth after death yet in case it is true she might be of 32 years old.

Even though it was a small conversation, yet it was quite inspiring to have a conversation with such an optimistic person.

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