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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

January 21, 2017 - A Day When We Had Our First Mock Drive.

A Day When We Had Our First Mock Drive.

#Things_I_Learned_Today ( January 21, 2017):-
- People will always want things to be done as per their basis, but you focus on doing things in a way you want. (A seat in bus.)
- It's good to have someone to guide but problems must be solved by us only. (Lesson Credits: Movie: Dear Zindagi.)
- Whenever you encounter with any problem, handle them very calmly. Only then you will be able to find the solution. (Lesson Credits: Guneetpaul Singh Sir)
- That awkward moment when people are trying to be aggressive without any reason. (An old man at civil hospital)
- You must do first things first. (P.S. Doctor was using whatsapp instead of diagnosing me, later he called someone rather than writing medicines for me.)
-  You must have a professional attitude and personality for appropriate occasions. (Lesson Credits: Varinder Sir.)
- That awesome moment when you are satisfied with your performance. (Aptitude test completed in 34 minutes and got 31 marks.)
- You must not create premature conclusions for the  way they see or react with you. (Sarcastic look given by a friend.)
- Be confident and stay who you are. (Lesson Credits: Rocketem Sir.)
- Be clear about you say. (Lesson Credits: Rocketem Sir.)
- Being an Author fetches more respect than being a writer. (Lesson Credits: Rocketem Sir.)
- Always feel free to speak from your instinct but try to keep your content shorter and provide more information in less words. (Lesson Credits: Rocketem Sir.)
- Get to know about the facts and figures of company's data. (Lesson Credits: Kapil Sir)
- It's even easier to deal with your problems with a smile rather than a frowning face. ( Lesson Credits: Dear Zindagi)

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