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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Me Against Myself (July 2014)

Me Against Myself (July 2014):-

Nobody knows what I am and what I think. They don’t make the opinion about me from what others say about me. They think about me in a way I make them think about. I tell them or just showcase my weaknesses to them. I never talk about my strengths to them.
As a result, I make them think of me as a coward, low confidence person, person who has no guts, confused, less courage to pursue any task which seems uncomfortable to him, etc., etc. This is not actually what people think of me. This is what I used to think of myself, so it was me who injected these thoughts in them.

It is easy to fight with the whole world alone when it becomes your enemy if you have the belief to win. But when you yourself become your enemy then whether you win or lose, either way you going to lose for sure.
Well now all this is going to end, I am going to stop bitching around, about myself to people, now I am going to showcase my strengths and make them aware about my strengths. I am going to start looking at people who love me, care about me, etc. instead of those who barely care about my existence.
It’s high time to start loving myself and to become the person I always think of but never try to become. Because the way I treat myself, becomes the way people treat me. If I keep treating myself the way I treat, then surely the time will not be far when I will start seeing whole world as my enemy. So I am going to treat myself in a way I treat others and I like to be treated by others.
(P.S. This is something I wrote to motivate myself in July 2014 at around 2:00 a.m. I kind of, felt relaxed which is one of the reasons that inspired me to write.)
Rohit Sood

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