17-November-2016 - Utilize Your Time - Things I Learned Today

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

17-November-2016 - Utilize Your Time

Utilize Your Time

Things I Learned On November 17, 2016:-
-          No Matter What We Invest; Time Or Money, We Prefer To Take Its Value Back. (Lesson Credits: Faizal Sir)
-          You Should Focus On Your Performance Instead Of Trying To Please Your Colleagues. (Lesson Credits: Ambreen MBA)
-          Always Keep A Smile On Your Face, Most Of The Tasks Will Get Done Very Easily.
-          That Awesome Moment When, In The Process Of Telling Someone, You Get To Know Something That You Didn’t. (Coursera Vs Edx, Open2study)
-          That Amazing Moment When You Complete The Work As Per Your Action Plan.
The More You Think, The More Chances Of Negative Vibes May Be There. Make Sure You Handle That Properly.

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