11-November-2016 - Smiling Day - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

11-November-2016 - Smiling Day

Smiling Day

Things I Learned On November 11, 2016:-

-          Sometimes, You Do Have To Think Of How Others Would Think, Especially When You Want To Make Them Smile. (Lesson Credits: Roop)
-          Focus On What You Do. (Lesson Credits: Minakshi Mam)
-          Divide Your Work In Terms Of Time And Small Task.
-          After You Do Your Work, Enjoy Your Life As Much As You Can. (Lesson Credits: Minakshi Mam)
-          Listen First, Pateince Follows. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
-          Live And Enjoy Each Moment Of Your Life As If It's Your Last. (Lesson Credits: Komal)
-          Life Is As You Make It. (Lesson Credits: Komal)
-          Sometimes, You Have To Be Diplomatic In Dealing With Others To Avoid Appearing As Rude. (Lesson Credits: Komal) (P.S. An Interruption In Our Conversation.)
-          Be Rigid With Your Own Set Rules. (Lesson Credits: Falak)
-          Learn To Present What You Know, It Really Matters In Long-Run. (Lesson Credits: Tanya Nagpal Mam) (Explain About Personality Trait- The Executives.)
-          When You Set Target And Its Deadline, No Matter What Happens, But You Always End Up Pushing Your Boundaries To Achieve Them. (P.S. Print Outs Of Shubhraj's Assignment And Ran To Catch Bus At 4:40 P.M.)

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