13-November-2016 - Lessons From A Celebrity:- - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

13-November-2016 - Lessons From A Celebrity:-

Lessons From A Celebrity:

Things I Learned On November 13, 2016:-

-          Some People Are Scared Of Problems, Whereas Others Are Happy To Take Problems As An Opportunity To Test Their Strength. (Lesson Credits: Anupam Kher)
-          Nothing Is All Wrong, Even The Clock That Has Stopped Running Is Right Twice A Day. (Lesson Credits: Anupam Kher)
-          You Never Know How Much Time You Have In Your Life, Just Live Each Moment To Its Best. (Accident)

-          You Always Have A Way To Make Someone Smile, Never Miss Such An Opportunity. (Komal In Fever)

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