29-November-2016 - Last Working Day of First Semester of Post-Graduation:- - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

29-November-2016 - Last Working Day of First Semester of Post-Graduation:-

Last Working Day Of First Semester Of Post-Graduation:

Things I Learned Today:
-          You Cannot Please Everyone, But What Matters Is Which Side You Want To Choose. (Lesson Credits: Shipra Das)
Things I Learned In Faizal Sir’s Lecture:
-          You Cannot Be The Same Person Everywhere. You Must Be Dynamic In Nature.
-          Nothing Is Permanent. What Will Come With Us, Is The Experience We Attain In Our Life.
-          Don’t Regret What You Have Not Done, Rather Just Do It Now.
-          Life Is Too Short To Be Shy. (A Video “KHAT” Shown By Faizal Sir)
-          That Awesome Moment When You Speak Right Thing Irrespective Of What Others Would Think.
Things I Learned From Pooja Mam:
-          To Succeed In Life, You Must Have 3 C’s; Content, Communication, Confidence.
Things I Learned From Mahesh Sir:
-          You Must Not Waste Your Time On Things That Don’t Matter.
Things I Learned From Guneet Sir:
-          Sometimes, ‘Less Is More’ Approach Brings Fruitful Results In Your Life.
Things I Learned From Ravinderhjit Sir:
-          Work Hard On Your Personality The Way People Put Their Efforts In Designing Their Blogs.
-          Abc Concept Of Life: Accelerator, Break, Clutch Approach To Life.
-          Think Before You Speak.
-          Be A Person Who Can Bring Value To The Lives Of Others.
-          Consciously Think About Yourself From Time To Time, You Will Realize What You Are And What You Want To Be.
-          Work On Yourself, You Will Gain Confidence In Your Life.
Things I Learned From Charlie Sir:-
-          Keep Your Purpose In Front, You Will Never Procrastinate Important Things.
A Last Working Day Of The Semester went so amazing that when I look back, I realize how fast the time has passed, yet it contains numerous memories and unending list of the lessons learned from various faculties. In addition, Thank you Tanya Mam for making this day even more memorable by giving the thanksgiving gift to me.
Thank you for reading,

Rohit Sood

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