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Monday, 14 November 2016

Happy Children Day

Happy Children Day J

Gone are the days, when Brick Games, Carom Board, cycling used to excite to most of us. We are more inclined to smartphones, internet, and social media even more than we used to enjoy playing  video games that inserted game chips; Marios, Snow Bros, Contra, and many more. Time has changed, as most of us has shifted to Candy Crush, Temple Run, Need For Speed, etc. But one thing will never change, that in one way or the other, there is a child still alive in most or almost all of us, we just suppress that child by some force and we know what that may be.
Work Load, Assignments, relationships, Love, Money, Maturity, Seriousness and 1000 other aspects including tons of emotions, people, problems, etc. Oh Am Gee!! Is there any place for the thing called immaturity? Yes, you heard that right.
Immaturity that gives us freedom to make mistakes.
Immaturity that keeps us happy most of the time.
Immaturity that helps us to keep a smile on our face.
Immaturity that provides us an opportunity to get some lessons from Matured people.
Guys, just for second or yes, if possible for a day, feel like immature and see the possibilities or opportunities you give rise to. One famous person said it right, “You can be young for once but you can be immature forever”
Well, my age is just a number. I may have thoughts like a person elder to me, yet I behave like a child way younger to me.
I hereby, wish you all a very Happy Children Day J
Note: When I say all, I mean each one of you, as in one way or the other, you will still remain a child to someone if not someone then at least to your Parents.
Keep Smiling J
Keep Shining J
And Of course, Be Crazy J

Thanks & Regards

Rohit Sood

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