21-November-2016 - A Day Spent Smiling - Things I Learned Today

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Monday, 21 November 2016

21-November-2016 - A Day Spent Smiling

A Day Spent Smiling

Things I Learned Today:

-          Whatever you say, believe in it. (Lesson Credits: Faizal Sir)
-          One who wants to find a solution will never come up with an excuse but a solution. (Lesson Credits: Faizal Sir)
-          Immaturity brings more happiness at times. (Accounts Lecture.)
-          That Awesome moment when you carry a smile on your face and people smile back more.
-          Staying quiet gives more peace than speaking a lot. (Lesson Credits: Shubham Agrahari)
-          Leaving lectures may also bring enormous experiences and learnings.
-          It is easy to say No for some things, you just need to try saying it.
-          That one moment when your over-confidence slaps you hard. (Accounts 19.5 Marks)
Things I learned from Gautam Singh:
-          Work on one goal at a time.
-          You should not share your sorrows with others.

-          You must have an end purpose in your mind.

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