02-November-2016 - A Day Full Of Tragedies:- - Things I Learned Today

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

02-November-2016 - A Day Full Of Tragedies:-

A Day Full Of Tragedies

Things I Learned On November 02, 2016:-

-          That Hilarious Moment When You Always Take An Initiative To Do A Work And At Times When You Don't Want To Do It, Still People Expect Only From You To Do It. (Technical Issue.)
-          That Awkward Moment When One Prompt Information Can Take Your Smile Away And Make You Sad All Of A Sudden. (Accounts Lecture And Placement Id.)
-          When Emotional Instability Occurs In Your Mind, You Become Passive All Of A Sudden. (Accounts Lecture.)
-          You Must Always Focus On Building Yourself And Your Brand With An Attempt To Make It Better Everyday. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina)
-          Obsession Is So Negative That Sometimes, You Cannot Even Resist Yourself From Letting It Control You. But You Must. (Placement Id)
-          If You Are Moving Forward In Life, Take As Many People As Possible With You To Move Them Improve As Well. (Lesson Credits: Minakshi Mam)
-          Even In Illogical Situations, You Must Think Rationally. (Lesson Credits: Ashima)
-          That Awkward Moment When The Pain In Your Heart Takes The Position Of Anger In Your Mind. (Economics Lecture Vs. Obsession)
-          There Is A Thin Line Difference Between A Request And Order. You Should Never Cross It. (Economics Lecture.)
-          It Is Never Important To Answer All The Questions That Are Asked From You.(Economics Lecture)
-          Deserve First, Then Desire. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir.)
-          You Must Always Keep Your Personal And Professional Life Separate From Each Other.
-          Sometimes, The Point Is Not About Who Is Wrong But What Is Wrong.
-          With A Wrong Attempt Of Saving Your Time, You End Up Wasting It. (1 p.m. Vs 5 p.m.)
-          That Hilarious Moment When You Are Asked To Write Something, And You Present Whole Thesis So The Reader Start Wondering Whether It Is A Worth To Read That.
-          Respect The Time, The Time Will Respect You Back. (Wait For The Right Time.)
-          Sometimes, It Is Good To Have Bad Times Rather Than Good. (This Reminded Me Of A Guest Lecture, That I Attended On October 12, 2016, Of Mrs. Mona Puri. On The Question Of Rejection On Sales, She Said,"You Will Never Analyse The. Yes That Things You Did Right But You Will Definitely Think Of 'No' Even More Than 10 Times Just To Interpret What Went Wrong. And That Is How You Learn. Similarly, Those Wrong Mistakes And That Bad Day Ended Up Teaching Me Various Things That A Good Day Couldn't.)
I Hereby Thank All The People Involved In The Situation Who Taught Me One Thing Or The Other Either By Their Words Or Actions.

Rohit Sood

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