26-November-2016 - Another Day Of Guest Lecture - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

26-November-2016 - Another Day Of Guest Lecture

Another Day of Guest Lecture

Things I Learned On November 26, 2016:-

-          That Awesome Moment When You Connect The Dots To Your Past, It Completely Makes Sense And You Are Happy About It.
-          Respect Yourself When You See Someone At Stage Because One Day You Will Be Standing There One Day.
-          That One Moment When You Come To Know About The Person Completely. (Texts Vs Texts Vs Texts.)
Things I Learned From Taru Aggarwal’s Guest Lecture:
-          A Speaker Must Involve Audience In Whatever He/She Is Speaking And Hence, One-Sided Conversations Must Be Avoided.
-          Speaker Must Welcome Questions From Audience During The Session.
-          You Must Prioritize Your Work. Complete One Work At A Time. Most Important Tasks Must Be Done First. Otherwise You Will End Up Leaving Everything Incomplete And Keep Coming Back To Them Again And Again If You Think About Doing 5 Things At A Time.
-          There Must Be An Objective Of Your Speech Otherwise Audience Will Be Less Interested In It.
-          Roi Can Be Related To What You Do In Life.
-          She Also Told That She Did Not Sit In Her College Placements, Yet She Started Working With Cyber Media Magazine. Currently She Is In Businesswire.
Terms That She Used In Her Speech Are As Follows:

Digital Pr, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Brochure Website, Microsides, Microwebsites, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Media Marketing (SMM), SEO, Netscapte, Corporate Communication (Corpcoms or Coms), Millennials, Gen-X, Gen-Y, Gen-Z, Baby Boomers. PTI (a news agency.)

Thank you for reading, 
Rohit Sood

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