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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A Letter To Disappointment:-

A Letter To Disappointment:-

Dear Disappointment,
Its funny by the end of every week, I still get chance to see you in one way or the other. Even though we broke up with each other long time ago, yet I know, you miss me sometimes that you come along with others just to stop by and say hi to me.

However, I want you to know that I have completely moved on from you, your presence don't hurt me anymore.
And I know that it would be unfair to blame Expectations for your arrival, when actually it is you who choose to come to me at times, may be or mostly when you yourself feel lonely.
However, some people still say,"Low Expectations, Low Disappointments" without even realizing its effect on their life.

For instance, if rate of disappointment is 50% which will be constant as it is you, and people can't alter you in any way.
Case 1. Expectations: 100 Points.
In this case, Disappointment is 50 points, and Output is 50 points.
Case 2. Expectations: 50 points.
In this case, Disappointment is 25 points and Output is 25 points.
Notice: People end up getting less by setting low Expectations.

See!! Did you ever wonder why people say it?
Why they still set Low Expectations?
Just think over it that people even forgo what they may get by setting high expectations, but still they prefer less just to have your least presence. You can realize how much less, people love you!!

Please start loving yourself, have some self respect. Right people will start loving you and you can visit them who actually welcome you.

I don't have any problem with you, in fact I still love you, and you can show visits to say hi whenever you want but for right reasons. And yes, just keep in mind that we are never getting back together. I have now grown in Love with "Hope". And it always gives me courage to stand strong in front of you.

I wish you all the best,
May you get your true love.

Keep Loving :-)
And Stop Disappointing Good People :-)

Rohit Sood

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