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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Happy Birthday To A Converted Stranger

Happy Birthday To A Converted Stranger.

I don’t know from where to begin with, what to write, what not to. Sometimes, it’s very hard to express what you feel, in words. I know that you won't be able to read it, yet I want to write, may be because it simply relaxes me.

Now, I don't know who, what, or where you are, but one thing is certain that today is your birthday. I had been waiting for this day from the past few months and wanted to say, tell, or speak many things but I don’t know why I am completely blank right now. It is similar to what it happens when we meet someone after long wait and want to say many things, yet we become silent at such situations. I don’t want to be silent, quiet because this is the only day I have, to write whatever I had been keeping in my mind or heart.

(15 minutes has already passed now, I am still not sure what to write.)…………………

Its simply hard to express the kind of impact you have on my life. It is clearly invisible now but I can sense it at times. You have taught me to smile in my early stages of life when I did not even know the right reasons for which I must really cry. I cannot type the whole story because I remember each minor details of my past 8 years. Putting them into words will convert this Post into an eBook.

Its easy to create account in every social networking site, yet it is even harder to stay in it without a person who introduced to this world of social media.
There was a time when Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn wasn’t the priority, rather Yahoo Messenger used to be the only choice. No smart phones but cyber café was the only option for some like me. Fixing a common slot was challenging yet so amazing thing to do at such times. Your birthday gives me a flashback of all such memories of my childhood.
The moment I lack motivation from all aspects of life, I simply remember you and get courage to stand up again. Saying Thousand times ‘Thank You’ would still be less to express my gratitude for you because you have had a very significant in my life. I am not saying it because its your birthday but rather this is the only day I can say it, though you will still not be able to read it…lol.
Our ways parted somewhere in the past only, yet you are alive in my heart in one way or the other. Though, we have grown, improved and ultimately changed a lot that we don’t know each other anymore but still the friendship that stayed has created memories that no one can erase.
I still remember the concept of the movie, “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”, if I ever try to apply that on me, I would be in Coma.
It is true to say that, “Stranger is a friend whom you haven’t met before.”
However, is it equally true to say that, “Stranger is a person who is not your friend anymore.”
(P.S. Just a thought, we must check the validity of this statement someday.)
I have not seen you since 4 years, yet your image has been imprinted on my heart as if I just saw you few seconds ago. Its even funny to publish this publicly, yet I believe social media is the only way which can travel Million Miles within few seconds or minutes.
Well, my intention is still the same i.e. not to publish an eBook in this post, so its better I stop to express what I feel, rather simply impress you with those two words which are as follows:
“Happy Birthday.”
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day :-)
May God Bless You, My Friend Or A Stranger :-)
No matter where you are, who you are, my best wishes are always with you :-)
May God Bless You with Lots of happiness :-)
Have a wonderful life ahead full of joys and achievements :-)
P.S. I Love You.

(Disclaimer: All characters, events, situations, feelings, or emotions, appearing in this work are completely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Lolz)

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