24-October-2016 - A Day Spent With Wisdom:- - Things I Learned Today

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Saturday, 29 October 2016

24-October-2016 - A Day Spent With Wisdom:-

A Day Spent With Wisdom:-

Things I Learned On October 24, 2016:-

-          Situations May Not Be In Your Favour At Times But You Always Have A Choice To Make Things Right. (P.S. Bus Did Not Come To Our Village,  I Decided To Go Via Bike.)
-          That Awkward Moment When You Feel More Restless By Showing Your Anger On Someone. (Uncle, Abhishek)
-          That Awesome Moment When You Become The Reason For Someone's Smile. (Ps. Met With Franklin Near Admissions Block)
-          Accept Your Mistakes. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
-          Accept Who You Are. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
-          You Must Always Help People To Push Their Boundaries By Themselves. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina) (Quality Vs Authenticity)
-          You Must Always Have A Helping And Supporting Behavior Towards Others. (Lesson Credits: Kenam Sai Kishore)
-          Everyone Has Their Own Ways To Move Forward And Make A Difference In Life. (Upgrad)

-          People May Not Believe You At Times But You Must Always Have A Backup Plan To Get Things Done. (P.S. Rohit Vij Sir Did Not Allow Me To Go 4 Minutes Early Due To Which I Almost Missed My Bus, But Instead Of Blaming Him For Its Consequences, I Decided To Run And Make Every Possible Effort To Get The Last Bus For Hometown.)

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