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Sunday, 9 October 2016

An Interaction With An Old Man In A Metro

An Interaction With An Old Man In A Metro

It was the day of January 26, 2016 when I was going to Rajiv Chownk Metro Station to visit Bangla Sahib Gurudwara via Delhi Metro. While travelling in a Metro, I noticed an old man sitting at the corner, reading a book. Fortunately, I was standing right in front of him and few seconds later, when I looked at him, I could sense he was reading that book with complete concentration. There were so many sentences which were highlighted on each page of the book, either with the pen or a highlighter. This wasn’t enough, he in fact attached few pieces of paper on some pages marking them as very important.
I was simply super-amazed to see that much spirit in someone, to read any book so thoroughly that reading it once wasn’t enough. My excitement to know the title of that book grew even more. I could either simply ask him about the title or bend down a little to read the title written at the top of each page. After making few efforts, I managed to know the title of the book, “Make Your Will Yourself”. Few minutes passed, he was still into that book and meanwhile, I noticed that he was again marking some of the paragraphs as ‘Very Very Important’.
Now, I could not resist myself to ask him about what’s going on. I was afraid to ask him, wondering he might be very much strict or I might end up disturbing him. (P.S. I felt that I was scared to talk to him, as if I am asked to propose any unknown girl. As soon as this thought came into my mind, I said to myself, “I am not scared, I must talk to him.”)
Finally, I asked him about what he was reading?, why he has attached pieces of paper with a book?, why he was reading it again?
Proving me wrong, he answered all my queries in a wonderful manner with a smile. He asked me, “Do you read Hanuman Chalisa?”
“Yes, Daily”, I replied.
“Do you remember it by your heart?”, he asked another question.
Without waiting for my reply, he continued, “This is the problem with the young generation, you don’t read things with concentration.”
I did not interrupt him when he said so, I felt that His Excellency was speaking and it would have been unwise for me to restrict him. Therefore, I decided to keep listening to him.
“Good things, especially ones related to your profession, must be read again and again so that their lessons can be imprinted on our life forever. Teacher is a Teacher because he knows things that he must taught.”, He spoke. (P.S. In hindi, he also said,”Baar baar padhne se, cheezein dimaag mein baith jaati hai”)
In addition, he taught me a proper procedure for reading something which is as follows:
-          First Time Reading: Some things may get missed from you.
-          Second Time Reading: Things will hit your mind again.
-          Third Time Reading: The knowledge will sit in your mind and heart.
By this time, I could realize that My Republic Day had already become special and memorable. Moreover, I wanted to learn more from him. So I asked him, “What he was doing?”
“I am an advocate by profession, I am preparing for my case. Before I go to Court for hearing at the end of this week, I must be aware about each and every side of my case so that I can tackle all the points that might work against me.”
“How much experience do you have, as an Advocate?”, I asked.
“How old are you?”, He counter questioned me.
“22 years”. I replied.
“Just Double it, that’s the period of my experience.”, He stated.
I was quite amazed and without wasting a second, I asked him about his age after which he told me that it was 73 years last year. (P.S. By now, he must be 74 years old.)
To make that journey even more memorable, I asked his name. “Mr. Captain Gupta”, He replied.
I was really happy to meet him. Meanwhile, we reached at Rajiv Chownk Metro Station, I requested him to take his picture and to have one selfie with me, He agreed with a smile on his face.
I hope this experience might have been fruitful for you as well.
Thank You For Reading,

Rohit Sood.

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