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Monday, 24 October 2016

A Gratitude To My Grandfather

A Gratitude To My Grandfather

I don't exactly remember the last time when I spent time with you because clearly it was more than 17 years ago.
However, the memories we had together were so amazing that I can never forget them.
I remember most of my childhood memories when I used to play too much with you. Well, I don't exactly remember what we used to play. (Lol)
I still remember one of the incidents in which you gave me Rs. 10 to eat Gulab Jamuns and asked me to share them with others as well. After I bought them, on my way back home I started eating them. Once I reached home, acting in my childish behavior I went to Grandmother and gave 1 piece of Gulaab Jamun to her, suggesting her to eat and share it with other family members also. (who were 20 at that time…lol).
Well seeing my courtesy, my grandmother tasted a bit of it and returned the remaining part to me.. With my complete selfishness, I ate that as well.

I hereby thank my grandfather for giving me such a wonderful childhood memories which I will cherish for the rest of my life.
Miss You Grandpa.
Your Grandson,
Rohit Sood

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