12-October-2016 - A Day With Ample Lessons - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

12-October-2016 - A Day With Ample Lessons

A Day With Ample Lessons

Things I Learned On October 12, 2016:

-          Learn To Give Surprises, People Love It.
-          Show Your Dedication Towards Something
-          You Can Stand Out Of Audience Only When You Take An Initiative To Come Take A Step Forward.
-          You Must Be Develop A Personality Inside, It Will Automatically Start Reflecting Outside. (Lesson Credits: Lovepreet Singh)
Things I Learned From Interaction With Mona Puri:-
-          Most Speakers Request Their Audience To Be Interact But Only Few Are Able To Encourage Them To Actually Ask Questions.
-          That Awesome Moment When You Learn To Say ‘No’ To Things That You Don’t Agree With. (Pen Confusion)
-          You Can Reduce The Time Taken To Complete Any Task By Simply Improving Your Efficiency On Each Stage Of The Completion Of That Work. (Lesson Credits: Mona Puri, Hr Asia Pacific, Inventive Health Inc.
-          Your Values Determine Your Brand. (Mona Puri)
-          Value Is Not What You Show ‘Outside’, It Is What You Feel Inside.
-          In Interview, How You Say Things Matter More Than What You Speak.
-          Create A Life That Feels Good Inside.
-          Interviewer Look For; Empathy, Confidence, Ambition In You. Speak With Volume.
-          “Don’t Go For The Fancy Names Of A Company. You Must Know What Company Is All About, What Kind Of Leaders Are Present In It.”, Mona Puri.
-          Focus On Personality Development, Career Development, Possessing A Positive Attitude, Honesty And Integrity.
-          “Honesty Is Like Being Pregnant, Either You Are Or You Are Not. There Is Nothing In The Middle.”, Mona Puri.
-          Focus On Your Internship. Live Your Brand.
-          3 Major Components Of Success; Head (Intellectual Buy-In), Hands (Behavior Or Efforts), Heart (Emotional Buy-In)
-          Character, Commitment, Competency, Adaptability, Flexibility.
-          Each Rejection Is A Story. Question Is Where To Go From No.
-          Nobody Analyze Their ‘Yes’ Performance, But Everybody Analyze Their ‘No’ To Find What Went Wrong.
-          NO Means ‘Next Opportunity’. (Lesson Credits: Sanjay Jindal Sir.)
-          An Addition Must Not Be Tackled By Getting Another Addiction. (P Vs. S)
-          People May Get Surprised When The Way You Project Yourself And The Way You Actually Are, Doesn't Match.
-          Everyday Is Special, It's All On You About How You Want To Make It Memorable. (Chocolate.)
-          If You Want To Do Good. Do It Even When Nobody Is Watching You. (Ahmad Sina )

-           Just Keep An Eye On What You Want, You Will Automatically Find Ways To Get It.

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