03-October-2016 - A Day Went Awesome - Things I Learned Today

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

03-October-2016 - A Day Went Awesome

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A Day Went Awesome

Things I Learned On October 03, 2016:-

- People May Ignore You At Times, But Never Feel Demotivated About It Because Not Everybody Is Going To Like You And It's Perfectly Fine. (An Ignorance In International Business.)
- If You Want To Save Your Energy And Time, Speak Less. (P.S. Wasted Time Discussing, In Upgrad Class.)
- Never Share Everything You Know, With Others. (Lesson Credits: Hazrat (September 22.))
- You Must Learn To Hear “No”. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir.)
- Look For The Qualities That A Company Wants In You. Start Working On, To Acquire Those Abilities. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir.)
- You Must Never Have A Sense Of Insecurity In Seeing Others Grow. Because They Are Playing In A Different Field. (A Simple Glance.)
- If Making A Schedule Can Reduce Your Half Worries, You Can Imagine How Much You Happy Can Be, After Putting Them Into Action.
- You Must Always Have A Back Up Plan. (Bus Departed 20 Minutes Late.)

- Sometimes,  You Are Just Few Minutes Away  From Success When You Think Of Giving Up. (Was About To Give Up At 19th Minute, And Preferred To Wait For Another Minute And Meanwhile The Bus Started.)

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