20-October-2016 - A Day That Changed My Life - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

20-October-2016 - A Day That Changed My Life

A Day That Changed My Life

Things I Learned On October 20, 2016:-

-          If You Want To Crack A Joke, Make Sure That You Do It At A Right Time In Right Manner For The Better Results.
-          You Must Be Very Polite While Sharing Your Opinion About Something. (P.S. I Asked Naveen To Go For Lunch But He Did Not Go For It As He Thought I Might Have Been Rude While Saying So.)
-          You May React Negatively At Certain Situations, But Few Seconds Later, Analyze The Situation And You Will Find Wisdom From It. (Lesson Credits: Leadership Lecture)
-          You Never Require Internet For Everything. (Lesson Credits: Rajesh Verma Sir)
-          “Instead Of Using A Roadmap, We Are Using A Compass To Go Forward.” Steven Covey.
-          A Leader Should Have A Stable Mind And Must Not Be Governed By Somebody Else’s Comments. (Lesson Credits: Tanya Mam)
-          You May Have Many Good Intentions But Society Appreciate Those Who Take Action Instead Of Just Thinking About Them. (P.S. I Failed To Get An Opportunity To Explain The Topic Of Perception To My Classmates)
-          Whenever You Are Going To Do Something, Think About What Will Happen If You Don’t Do It? If You Get An Answer As ‘Nothing’, Then Do Something More Important.
-          Expectations Become Reality Only If You Are The Controller Of The Whole Universe.

-          That Awesome Moment When You Do First Thing First.

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