18-October-2016 - A Day Spent Listening To Eminent Speakers - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

18-October-2016 - A Day Spent Listening To Eminent Speakers

A Day Spent Listening To Eminent Speakers

Things I Learned On October 18, 2016 (Day 2) :-

Ø  Lessons Learned From Speaker 1: Mr. Umendra Dutt
                                I.            You Should Never Look At Only One Side Of The Situation, Be It A Negative Or Positive Side. (Green Revolution Belt)
                              II.            Your Speech Must Be Of An Adequate Duration.

Ø  Lessons Learned From Speaker 2: Mr. Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi
                                I.            Whatever You Do, Two Mothers Are Watching You; Your Mother And The Mother Earth.
                              II.            You Will Have To Walk For Your Country. (Lesson Credits: Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi)
                            III.            Live Your These 50 Years In Such A Way That For The Next 500 Years, Whole World Never Forget The Name Of India. (Lesson Credits: Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi)

Ø  Lessons Learned From Speaker 3: Mr. Ashish Shukla
                                I.            Be The Change, Only Then Ask Someone Else To Change. (Lesson Credits: Ritu, From Video)
                              II.            When You Have Thought And Will Power, You Can Make A Difference That You Want To Bring.
                            III.            Do Something With An Intention To Change Yourself, Not The Whole World. That’s How You Will Improve And Bring Difference To The Maximum Extent.
                            IV.            Change Your Content Of Social Media That You See, By Yourself.
                              V.            We Must Remove The Communication Gap That Is What Gives Rise To Most Of The Problems.
                            VI.            Be Good At Your Own Level Under The Given Resources.
                          VII.            Bring Change Around You.
                        VIII.            What Matters, Is What You Do With Your Given Resources, In And Around The Place Where You Live.

Ø  Lessons Learned From Speaker 4: Mr. Lenin Raghuvanshi
                                I.            You Must Have An Active Listening Ability.
                              II.            Create Hope Among The People.
                            III.            Diya Andhere Ko Todta Hai, Andhera Diye Se Darta Hai. (Light Breaks The Darkness Therefore, Darkness Is Afraid Of Light.)

Ø  Lessons Learned From Speaker 5: Mr. Varun Pruthi
                                I.            A Speaker Must Speak From His Heart. He Should Not Be Fake Just To Motivate Others.
                              II.            Take Initiative. Face Your Fears.
                            III.            It Takes A Lot Of Work To Go On Stage And Motivate People.
                            IV.            It’s Your Work That Makes A Difference.
                              V.            Don’t Waste Your Time. (P.S. Varun Gave His Personal Example Stating That When He Used To Be Online On Facebook Too Much, Nobody Respected His Time But When He Focused On Work, Things Started To Change.)
                            VI.            Before You Respect People, Respect Yourself.
                          VII.            Success Begins When You Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone.
                        VIII.            You Must Be Able To Sacrifice Who You Are For What You Want To Become.

Ø  Other Lessons Learned On October 18, 2016:-
-          Read The Facts So That You Can Learn More. In Addition, You Will Stop Believing Blindly On The Opinions Of Other People. (Lesson Credits: Anchor Jatin)
-          You Should Always Pay Attention To A Speaker And Therefore, Prefer To Keep The Distractions Away. (Lesson Credits: Roshan Maurya)
-          Keep Things As Much Simple As Possible, That’s What People Understand Easily. (Lesson Credits: Roshan Maurya)
-          Do What You Feel Right And Which Side You Want To Be. What People Would Think, Is Secondary. (Lesson Credits: Ayush)
-          You Must Always Keep Your Diary With Yourself. (Ahmad Picture Vs. Noting Down Points.)
-          Don’t Expect Future To Happen Exactly The Way You Think, There Will Be Certain Changes In The Execution Process. (Diary Forgot.)
-          No Matter What You Do, Whether You Want To Do It Or Not, Just Do It With Your Complete Passion. (Ahmad Sina)
-          Think Less, Do More.

-          If You Have A Narrow Vision, You May Pass Your Destination Even After Reaching There. (P.S. I Crossed The Destination Due To Darkness When I Was Travelling On Scooter Toward Office.)

Keep Learning :-)
Keep Sharing :-)

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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