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Thursday, 1 September 2016

An Unknown Girl Who Made Me Smile In A Bus

An Unknown Girl Who Made Me Smile In A Bus: 
Today Morning, In The Bus, I Was Sitting Right Behind The Driver’s Seat, Facing Towards The Passengers. After Few Stops At Different Villages, The Aisle Was Occupied With The Crowd. Few Seconds Later, I Looked At A Girl Standing In The Center Of The Aisle. I Thought, “It Would Be Inconvenient For All The Passengers If I Stand Up And Ask Her To Sit At My Seat.” Therefore, I Rather Decided To Get Busy With My Mobile. Afterwards, I Found That She Was Sitting At The Front At One Of The Seats Near Bus Driver.

I Was Amazed About How She Reached From The Center Of The Bus To That Seat With So Much Of Crowd In Between The Two Places. Ignoring The Circumstance, I Concentrated On Enjoying The Weather Outside The Window. Later On, I Looked Around The Bus And She Again, Was Standing At The Center Of The Bus.

In Confusion, I Said To Myself, “I Understand That I Have Vacated A Seat For Her One Or Two Times In The Past, But Why I Am Able To See Her Face In More Than One Girl.”
Meanwhile, The Bus Stopped At The Next Village And Few People Stepped Out Of The Bus, And I Found That She Got A Seat Near The Place Where She Was Standing.
Now, There Was No Point For The Confusion, Hence, I Looked At Her First And Then, On My Right Side.

To My Surprise, She Was On The Both Sides.
I Moved My Head Like Left-Right-Left-Right Constantly, Until I Noticed That The Girl In The Center Understood My Condition And Was Smiling For The Same.
That Moment I Was Certain That They Were Twins.
Showing A Sign Of Victory With Two Fingers, I Gestured Her To Confirm The Same.
She Blushed And Nodded Which Made Me Smile Even More. That Moment Onwards, She Kept Smiling Until The Bus Reached The Destination. Pretty Obvious, I Did The Same.

That’s How It All Happened.
Thank You For Reading.

Keep Learning :-)
Keep Shining :-)

Rohit Sood
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