22-September-2016 - A Day Spent With Your Crush - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

22-September-2016 - A Day Spent With Your Crush

A Day Spent With Your Crush

Things I Learned On September 22, 2016:-
-          You May Be Reactive To Situations But You Can Choose To Be Proactive As Well. (7 Habits)
-          You Can Surely Create The Circumstances That Will Happen To You. (Bosch Vs. Lectures.)
-          1 Second Can Change The Consequences You Could Have Faced Differently In An Hour. (Bosch Day.)
-          Its Good To Be Expressive But It Is Important To Know What Others Are Feeling As Well.
-          That Awesome Moment When You Are With One Person And Everything Seems Amazing.
-          Jealousy May Try To Take Over Your Positive Emotions But Never Let Them Lose The Battle From It.
-          Thinking Too Much, May Create So Many Situations That You Don’t Want To See Happen.
-          It Is Always Your Choice In Everything That Happen Related To You, However You Just Have To Take The Right Decision As Per The Given Situation. (CV Snapshot Vs CV Format.)
-          Sometimes, You Choose Your Consequences And At Others You Have To Take Decisions Based On Them, To Bring Them Into Your Favor Ultimately.

-          Just Keep Waiting, If You Want To Waste Your Time. (No Reply For Hours.)

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