24-September-2016 - A Day Full Of Wisdom - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

24-September-2016 - A Day Full Of Wisdom

A Day Full Of Wisdom

Things I Learned On September 24, 2016:-

-          You May Become Sarcastic At Times, But Still You Must Inspire People To Achieve More.
-          The Moment You Are Taught About The New Perspective, You Start Thinking Differently.
-          Speak Only When Required.
-          A Good Speaker Must Must Have A Proper Sense Of Humor.
-          Be Industry Ready.                                                 
-          Before Asking A Question From Anybody, Do Your Home Work First.
-          You Must Improve Yourself And Your Life With The Changing Environment.

Thanks To Varinder Sir For The Above Lessons.

-          You Lack Confidence In The Things That You Have Never Tried Before. (Lesson Credits: Rohit Vij Sir.)
-          It Is Quite Easy To Misjudge Anybody, However, Awareness Occurs Only When You Actually Ask People About Themselves. (Crush)
-          Ignorance Takes You To The Path Of Making Mistakes. (Birthday Wishes With A Wrong Name.)
-          The Moment You Begin Thinking Too Much, You Start Losing So Much. (Sitting Together Vs. Upgrad.)
-          Once You Commit A Crime, There Is No Way To Repent It But One I.E. Not To Repeat It Again. (Lesson Credits: Parminder Sir.)


Thanks To Guneetpaul Singh Sir For The Following Lessons:

-          Before Teaching People, Bring Them To Your Own Level Of Understanding.
-          Don't Waste Your Energy In Being Angry.
-          Smile While You Work. (Rush Hour Video Shown In Guneet Sir's Lecture.)
-          The Calmness Is The Choice And You Are Free To Choose It.
-          No Matter What You Do, Make Sure That People Don't Remember You For A Wrong Reason.
-          If You Can Trace A Problem, You Can Solve It.
-          You Always Have Two Choices; Manage The Situation Or Be Angry. It's You Who Must Choose.
-          Anger May Enter In Your Mind At Times, But You Can Definitely Throw It Out Of Your Mind. (Lesson Credits: Guneetpaul Sir's Experience At Highway)
-          "Higher You Reach, The Better You Should Become.", Guneetpaul Singh Sir
-          Don't Waste Your Words On A Person Who Is Not In A Position To Listen Or Understand You.
-          Anger Is An Emotion. It Doesn't Consider Right Or Wrong.
-          No Matter The Situation, Never Let Your Emotions Overpower Your Intelligence. (A Quote That Ended The Guest Lecture.)

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