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Friday, 23 September 2016

20-September-2016 - A Day Spent With Ahmad.

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A Day Spent With Ahmad.

-          Speak Only When You Feel That You Are Going To Add Value In The Minds Of People.
-          Do Only Those Things That Add Value In Your Personality.
-          If You Don’t Know Something, Go And Research To Get Knowledge For The Same.
-          You Should Not Blindly Rely On People When It Comes To Gaining Knowledge Rather Research About It By Yourself Also.
-          You Must Try As Many Things As Possible That You Haven’t Done Before. (Left Hand Vs. Right Hand.)
Thanks To Ahmad Sina For The Above Lessons.
-          You Must Always Respect The Person Who Is Speaking, By Listening Attentively. (Lesson Credits: Faizal Sir)
-          You Must Learn To Defend Your Knowledge. However, You Should Learn From Others Also. (Lesson Credits: Minakshi Mam)
-          You Must Not Complain Or Criticize, Rather Should Focus On Solving A Problem. (Mentorship Class.)
-          Honesty Is Appreciated Wherever You Go.
-          To Smile, Is The Wonderful Habit You Can Ever Get.
-          Be As Much Cooperative As Possible.

-          It Is Good To Socialize But You Must Procrastinate The Important Tasks.

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